She Wolves – Book Review

On my reading challenge list, one of the items is to read a book on  history. I chose a book on some awesome queens pre-Elizabeth I. The book covered 4 queens extensively: Empress Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, and Margaret of Anjou. All these women ruled England in one way or another and their stories are just extraordinary! To be so brave in a time when women were not seen as courageous and only as a means to heirs was very much refining to me.  These women were brutal in defending their cause and the way they made their choices was convicting. They didn’t settle, they didn’t back down and when faced with defeat they faced their ends with dignity.

The author, Helen Castor, does a great job in making the book come to life with the lives of these women. There is a feminist feel to the book as a whole. This is a book written by a woman, about women, for distinctively a female audience. I say this not to take away anything from the book. It is well written, and I very much enjoyed it.

Ms. Castor also touches a little upon Queen Mary I of England a bit and defends her choice in picking a Spanish husband very well. She also writes a bit on Queen Elizabeth and the success of her reign.

Recommendations: I recommend this book to any woman who loves history, especially female monarchs. Also any history buff on the queens of England.

To the Christian: From the beginning of time the world had distorted the relationship between a man and a woman, especially when it comes to marriage. Ms. Castor does have a tasteful bias for the women she writes about. She defends their decisions eloquently and I did find her enjoyable to read. The ending was a little odd because it ends with a question. The book is not graphic or dull either. Thankfully, Ms. Castor doesn’t bash the Christian faith either like many women writers do when it comes to these subjects.





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