The Great Good Thing – Book Review

On my reading challenge I get to pick a book of my choice every once in a while. I decided to go with an author I’d never read – a Mr. Andrew Klavan to be exact. I first heard of Mr. Klavan on a show I watch called “Louder With Crowder”. He was a great interview and his quick wit just cracked me up. If you haven’t listened to these two fools just talk about life, you really are missing out. They bounce off each other’s comebacks and it is great comedy.

Mr. Klavan is an author and also has his own show called “The Andrew Klavan Show” on the Daily Wire. His latest book is an auto-biography on his conversion. The whole title of the book is: The Great Good Thing – A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ.

The book is a beautiful story. Some things that are vital in a church are sound preaching and worship; and the testimonies of the saints. This book is Mr. Klavan’s testimony and it left me wanting to know more about how he is doing in his faith now. Not because I doubt his conversion, but because I truly am excited for him! There were also so many things that he said that echoed my conversion. He truly is an author and his word usage is artistic. He does give a little more information than I would have liked on his past sins, but it does help in seeing from where God saved Him.

I got the audio version of this book and I was grateful that he is also the reader. The book had me laughing out loud quite a bit. Mr. Klavan does have the gift of joy. He elaborates more on this towards the end. He truly seems genuine and I greatly enjoyed his book.

Recommendations: I recommend this book to those who love to read about people’s testimonies. To the philosopher or writer at heart. To the Christian who has forgotten his joy. Or to anyone who enjoys reading Klavan books.

To the Christian: I really enjoy hearing about how others came to faith. I truly wish Mr. Klavan the best in his journey to Heaven. I also hope he continues to seek out God’s Word even more. The book does contain drug and sex references. God took Mr. Klavan from a very dark place (He did so for all of us). Although these paragraphs are not detailed, they are shocking sometimes – at least they were for me. I am used to hearing less detailed testimonies. But it really helps the reader understand just what mess Klavan was taken out of.

I truly hope we hear more from Mr. Klavan. I follow him on twitter and he always seems to have something witty to say.



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