Smurfs, The Lost Village – Movie Review

I took my kids to see this movie last week and they loved it! Me, not so much.  Growing up, I really never watched the Smurf’s on TV, so maybe that’s why I really didn’t care much for it. The climax was unexpectantly better than I thought it would be and made up for the bland plot though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

This movie is about Smurfette and her trying to figure out why she is the only girl in the whole village. Good question! Later on, she, along with her other friends, stumble upon a lost village made up entirely of girls Smurfs. They escape Gargamel, his vulture and Azrael several times and there was one scene that was funny to me, but just one. The script was dull.

The movie does have a feminist leaning. The roar at the end being “You can be whatever you want to be (if you’re a girl) and you can do anything a man can do. What I hear is ” you are special because you are a girl, not because of any merit.” I wont get into how annoyed I was by this throughout the movie because my kids were oblivious to this message anyway, but it does feel like I am seeing this 3rd wave feminism everywhere now, and I do not want to be a part of it. Maybe I will write about this later, as for now, I’ll just roll my eyes and enjoy the fact that my kids are entertained for the moment.

Recommendations: Little girls. This movie is geared for girls. I don’t think tween boys and older will like this movie.

To the Christian: The movie is just fine for kids. There isn’t anything inappropriate in it that stood out to me.

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