Girl on a Train

I love thrillers and mysteries. When this movie was recommended to me on Netflix, I decided to give it a try.

The movie  focuses on three women and how their lives are creatively entwined to one man. It is a dark movie that delves into the damage addictions cause in these women and those around them. It is a movie where hope and dreams are lost and the sadness caused by these loses spiral the lives of these characters out of control. Overall the movie has a sad undertone.

The acting by Emily Blunt (who plays Rachel) was superb and her monologues truly mirrored the pain of a woman experiencing the sorrow of bareness, loneliness and loss.

As a Christian, I noticed all of the problems in this movie would have not existed had the characters decided to be faithful. Most of the characters in this movie have no problem with infidelity and the consequences caused by it. In the end, the movie blames the man. They portray the movie in a way so that you feel sorry for the adulteresses because they are in such horrible circumstances. If it wasn’t for these horrible men, all these women would  be so much happier.

As adults (regardless of gender), our actions result in certain consequences that not only affect us, but also affect our children and loved ones. I cannot expect to sleep with a married man, marry him and then expect fidelity. I cannot expect to be always seductive and then be taken seriously. I can’t expect the man who I am cheating with, who is also married with a baby to be a “nice guy”. I can’t expect there to be no consequences to my reckless behavior. So when the movie moves the viewer into sympathizing with only one person in a two-person problem, it really became annoying to me. It was basically Lifetime with a bigger budget and much better acting.

I really wanted a good thriller/mystery but I got a soap opera of love triangles and crazy women who can’t deal with the bed they have made for themselves. The movie started off with a good plot, but the feminist agenda reeked towards the end. I ended up hating this movie.

The movie does contain nudity and sexuality. There is also cussing.  There are several scenes that are traumatic in nature because of how violent they are. The movie is rated R for these reasons. If you have ever been in a violent relationship this movie will trigger your memories of abuse.

I can only recommend this movie to men and women who like Lifetime.


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