Retribution – Netflix Movie Review

Retribution is a 4 part movie series about two families who happen to also be neighbors in rural Scotland. They are joined forever by the marriage of their child to the other child. The young couple weds and two weeks later they are killed. And that is just the beginning of this convoluted story.

At the beginning, the movie drags on a bit and it is hard to figure out who is who to whom. Slowly the kinship to each person is figured out, but even in the end, I was left a bit confused. Either way, it is hard to develop sentiment towards the characters when you can’t figure out who is related to what person.

Also, I just can’t stand it when a great plot is destroyed by propaganda. The story line was great, but it was shattered by these inserts of left leaning ideals. The passionate defender husband, in the end is really a boyfriend and she leaves him for his protectiveness. The unforgiving mother forgives no one else, especially the men, but does forgive the woman who did most harm. The compassionate character shows compassionate to all others except towards the religious patriarch.  It was absurd!

The acting was great, the plot was interesting, even the crazy climax was insane – in a good way! But when the killer was revealed, it was such a huge let down!

I recommend this movie only to those who don’t care about some anti patriarchy. anti-religious, feminist leanings. All this was made evident in the last episode.

There are cuss words, one very short love scene with no nudity, and violence. On Netflix it is rated TV-MA.

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