The Bookshop

The Bookshop is a movie about a widow, Florence Green, buying a 500  year old house and making it into a bookshop. There are some awful people who attempt to destroy her dream and equally fantastic people who help her through her endeavor. This movie is a book-lovers fantasy!

bookshop 2

The movie is well produced and the actors are marvelous. For most of the movie, it felt like a cozy book your could curl up with. I will not spoil the movie, but the ending was a bit anti-climactic and I was just hoping for more. The story-line though was just splendid and I just hoped for a different ending.

I do recommend the movie though, despite its odd ending. It is wholesome and if you are a bibliophile, you will love this movie.

The movie is rated PG and you can click here for a link to the trailer.

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