The Letterboxd App – For the movie buff

letterboxdLetterboxd is basically Goodreads but for movies. I just found out about this last night! I just looked up “Goodreads for movies” and there it was. Something I thought that would be fun to do besides keeping up with the books I read is to also keep track of all the movies I watch this year. I think it would be fun to look back and see what I watched.

I am still learning the bells and whistles of the app, but so far I have noticed that all input is manual – meaning this app doesn’t sync with your Netflix, Hulu or other movie watching account, so you have to click on the movie you have seen or look them up if they are not as popular. You can rate movies you have watched, keep a diary of what you are currently seeing, you can leave comments, click on a heart if you liked a movie, and you can also place a movie under the title of “want to watch”. This is a cool feature because sometimes I really don’t know what to watch and now I can go back and see what I was interested in watching. There is also the ability to make lists. For example a list title could be “The best movies of all time”, “Movies to watch when sad”, “Movies to watch with kids”, etc. 

You can get this app on Google Play or iOS and it’s free!

letterboxd 2

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