Time is Running Out- A Poem

The earth, the planets, the waters and the expanse divided

The oceans, the land, the trees, and the animals, You provided

The galaxies turning, the stars burning, as creation is yearning for your returning.

God of Heaven and of Earth. God of death and God of birth

God of the ocean and of the sky. God when there is much and God when it is dry.

You are great. You are awesome.
You hold us in your hand and have lost none.


The word became flesh and bone. Then was crucified all alone, but on the third day He removed the stone and commissioned us to leave our comfort zone

Christian don’t just sit there and wait. Always criticizing how there’s so much hate, while petting your sin you yourself create. Am I loud enough? Does this resonate?

Nothing will happen if you just sit in your pew. Living in the past and all you’ve been through. Wondering who’s judging or looking at you. Have you forgotten that you have been made new?

Who cares what people think about you?

You are worse than they know

Kill that sin of yours and go, go, go. Don’t wait for anyone else, they’re too slow. God has breathed life in you and there should be some to show.

Just remember though. You can’t expect fruit, if there’s nothing to grow.


Proclaim the Good news, there’s nothing to fear. All men can be saved if He is drawing them near. His Spirit is in us, He is right here. We cannot wait for someone else, we know that much is clear.

Don’t you see the urgency

That those who die without Christ are bound to Hell! To wake you up, how loud do I have to yell? Maybe I should stomp or ring a bell. There is so much more that I want to tell!

But I wont . . . Don’t worry . . . I’m almost done.


Time is running out. I wont scream any more nor am I going to shout. Don’t waste your salvation, Oh Christian.

 I’m out!

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