Red Sister – Book Review

red sister

I do not read fantasy, but I joined a book club on Goodreads, and this is what was on the “next to read”. It took me about a week to read it and it was okay. The book  just wasn’t my genre. I don’t get it. But, if you are into fantasy, then I can see this being a great book to read. As of now, “Red Sister” has 4.22 stars out of 5 on Goodreads. 

The book follows the life of a little girl named Nona. She is a natural killer and through some circumstance she finds herself at the Convent of Sweet Mercy where girls are trained to be assassins, mystics and warriors.  The book is full of adventure and reminded me of a mix between Harry Potter and Kill Bill. We learn as she learns and there is a lot of blood shed and pain. There is magic and power involved and is dependent on what bloodline you carry. There is also camaraderie and betrayal that are all important in a good book. The author, Mark Lawrence, writes well, but it was just not my kind of story. 

I recommend this book to any fantasy lover. The book is not sexually inappropriate nor does it have vulgar language. It is violent though. I would allow my children to read it (ages 13+)

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